Music Car speaker I Bluetooth Car Speaker & FM Radio | with USB, SD, AUX Input for Office, Home, Garage (Blue & White)

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Bluetooth connection to other Bluetooth operation methods
1. Open two Bluetooth speakers at the same time
2. Double-click the Play/Pause key(Heard “tick” is ok)
3: Wait for the two Bluetooth speakers to interconnect(Two speakers also appear the sound at the same
time, express connect success)
4. Open the phone Bluetooth; search for the matching name for another Bluetooth speaker and connect it
5. Two Bluetooth speakers were connected successfully and can start playing music


1. Two Bluetooth speakers that are already connected successfully can automatic connect another Bluetooth
speaker when open the speaker again.

2. If no automatic connection please turn off the Bluetooth restart two speakers (Din't need press any key)

3. When the two Speakers Automatic Connected, open the phone Bluetooth again and connect the two Bluetooth Speakers

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